DPP consortium: First Investigators Annual Meeting

The Developing Paediatric Primaquine (DPP) consortium held its first Investigators Meeting at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Unit of the University of Bordeaux, France on 24-26 January 2023. The DPP consortium aims to develop and deploy quality-assured, child-friendly primaquine (PQ) across a range of doses in optimised regimens for transmission-blocking and radical cure in line with WHO guidelines recommendations.

The DPP consortium is led and coordinated by Dr Bob Taylor of the University of Oxford, with partners from Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and France. The meeting was attended by all partners, including representatives of industrial partners ClinSearch, Firmenich and Bilcare, and the drug manufacturer, Mr Sohrab Mulla, Business Development and International Marketing General Manager at Ipca Laboratories Limited.

The meeting objectives were to provide updates on the different project activities, including the manufacturing timelines of the primaquine tablets by Ipca Laboratories Ltd. On day one, each partner gave updates on their respective work package components, including any mitigation actions resulting from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the political situation in Ethiopia. It was remarkable the progress made in the pediatric formulation of the flavoured primaquine tablets and granules carried out by partners from the Ecole de Biologie Industrielle (EBI) and the University of Bordeaux (UBx).

Other important objectives of the meeting were to define the manufacturing timelines for the PQ tablets at Ipca, Mumbai, India, and the formalities for the pre-qualification of the flavoured PQ paediatric formulation. Mr Mulla, through his presentation and based on the results from the test-masking analysis, confirmed that the production of the first ‘clinical batches’ of the bitter and flavoured PQ tablets has started, and anticipated that its usage in the clinical studies in Ethiopia and Burkina will be ready by early 2024.

On day two, two lab workshops were taught on tablet and granules production, and sensory assessments to gain insight into the important aspects of drug development. On day three, other aspects such as assessing the acceptability of the flavoured PQ tablets, prototype blister packs and the socioeconomic component of the studies were discussed.


More information

For more details on the Developing Paediatric Primaquine (DPP) consortium please visit www.dpp-project.org.