Through Participating Member State Initiated Activity (PSIA) from the United Kingdom, EDCTP is funding the first GloPID-R activities in Africa. This one-year project builds on the existing core funding from the European Commission and will strengthen GloPID-R’s core capabilities through early development of three new key components in preparedness for future new and re-emerging threats in sub-Saharan Africa. These components are:

1) Piloting the African Regional Hub Mapping of the infectious disease research funding landscape and surveying funders to increase regional engagement and regional membership and undertaking a launch meeting for the new hub to bring together these regional partners and develop a shared agenda beyond the pilot

2) Kick-start the research funding tracking for the pandemic preparedness tool in the region and plan to mobilise additional funds to the wider GloPID-R membership

3) Develop a funders framework for coordination of clinical trials through the Clinical Trials and Funders Working Group to strengthen GloPID-R’s work with funders and researchers on coordination of effective clinical trials. These activities will strengthen the GloPID-R Secretariat’s capabilities to undertake the research and policy work necessary to produce a funders roadmap framework for clinical trials and support the translation of that framework into practice with involvement of African partners.

A global coalition of research funders

GloPID-R is a global coalition of research funders that facilitates cooperation among funding organisations that invest in research to improve pandemic preparedness & response. On 21 September 2022, Dr Alice Norton and Dr Hans-Eckhardt Hagen from GloPID-R visited the EDCTP Africa Office. The office is situated at the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC), from which this grant will be implemented by Professor Charles Shey Wiysonge and his team.