MaReCa project: Paul Martine Hayuma wins Best Laboratory Scientist of the year award

Photo: Paul Martine Hayuma working at the AMBRELA, NIMR Tanga Centre

Mr Paul Martine Hayuma is based at Tanga Medical Research Centre, National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), where he works as Laboratory Manager. His postgraduate training was fully supported by EDCTP through the Malaria Research and Capacity building for field trials in Tanzania (MaReCa). During his studies Mr Hayuma found that asymptomatic malaria is associated with an increased risk of having anaemia in the study communities. The findings highlight the need for targeted interventions focusing on asymptomatic infections, which is an important risk factor for anaemia in the community and is a source of continued transmission of malaria in the study area. Mr Hayuma has published two research papers, and consecutively won best Laboratory scientist of the year (2021, 2022) at the NIMR, Tanzania.