The BSL-3 lab is being installed on the UNAM campus. It is built by AFMS, a South Africa based company specialised in building laboratories and biological safety cabinets out of shipping containers

Capacity building is a key component of the EDCTP-funded StatinTB project coordinated by the University of Cape Town, that investigates the use of statins as an adjunctive therapy for TB patients. Led by the University of Namibia (UNAM), Work Package 3 ‘Capacity Building’ aims at strengthening the UNAM School of Medicine’s clinical research capacity through active collaboration and exchange of knowledge between the school and other institutions in the StatinTB consortium.

In late January, a Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory arrived on the UNAM campus in Windhoek, funded by the German KfW Development Bank. Previously, there was only one lab in Namibia that met the requirements of a BSL-3 laboratory. While meeting high-security standards, this public laboratory does not have the resources for high-end research, making the new lab at UNAM even more important for Namibia’s research capacity. The goal is to have the new BSL-3 laboratory fully operational towards the end of this year.

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