Dr Michael Owusu

Dr Michael Owusu is a Career Development Fellow of EDCTP who got funding to investigate the aetiological agents of respiratory diseases among HIV and non-HIV children in Ghana. Dr Owusu conducted a 4-arm case-control study on HIV and non-HIV children to determine the microbial pathogens that are associated with respiratory infections. His project found that RSV and Influenza A are the main viral pathogens associated with respiratory infections and severe pneumonia among non-HIV infected children. His study also found out that viral-bacterial co-infections could result in severe pneumonia among children.

Additionally, his project supported three students who all worked on various topics highlighted in this project. Two of the students have successfully submitted their thesis and another has passed her dissertation:

Dr Lotenna Elsie Kalu

Dr Lotenna Elsie Kalu has successfully passed her dissertation submitted to the West African College of Physicians leading to the award of Fellowship of the College in the Faculty of Paediatrics. Her thesis was on “Evaluation of microbial causes of pneumonia in children aged three months to fifty-nine months presenting to the paediatric emergency unit of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

Mr Eric Adu

Mr Eric Adu has successfully completed and submitted his thesis for the award of MPhil in Clinical Microbiology to the Department of Clinical Microbiology, KNUST. His thesis was on “Viral Pathogens Associated with Pneumonia in Children on non-HIV children”.

Eugene Ahwireng Adu

Mr Eugene Ahwireng Adu has successfully completed and submitted his thesis for the award of MPhil in Molecular Medicine. His thesis was on “The role of inflammatory markers in predicting childhood pneumonia in Ghana.”